AC Service

Florida Solar AC has qualified Technicians available to service any brand of residential or commercial system. We will always give you a written quote before we begin any work.

Our vehicles are fully equipped and stocked with most parts needed to get you up and running. There NEVER is a service call fee charged when work is performed.

Meeting Your Expectations

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to our customers. Below is a break down of what we provide as well as certifications and qualifications.

When choosing an A/C Company, it's very important that they are EPA certified; it is the law. If the A/C Company you choose is not EPA certified, you run the risk of causing more harm to your air conditioning system, which can cost you more money in the future. Florida Solar AC is an EPA Certified and State licensed and insured company.

One of Florida's Oldest Companies

Founded in 1952, we have serviced and installed tens of thousands of systems over the past 5 decades. The solar air conditioning and solar hot water heating systems we offer are by far the best value for your investment. Our traditional air conditioners have been the foundation of our company over the years and are always available to help save you money. We offer only name-brand systems that are installed and serviced by our own company trained employees.

Residential Solar Air Conditioning Systems

Interested in lowering your electric bill forever? If you are looking to free yourself from rising energy costs this is a great place to start. Our solar assisted air conditioning system can save you as much as 30- 70% off your bill. This type of air conditioner is also known as a “Hybrid System” which uses a combination of solar energy and electricity to dramatically reduce your energy usage without sacrificing your comfort.

Residential Solar Hot Water Systems

Around 25-30% of your electric bill comes from using an electric water heater. With the abundance of sun we have in Florida all year round, doesn’t it make good sense to use that free sun to heat your water for you? Our Solar Hot Water Heaters can save you as much as 80-90% of the electricity used to heat your water. We offer several different options available for residential homes.

Residential Quality Air Conditioners

We offer a complete line of traditional air conditioners like Trane™, Rheem™, Carrier™, Goodman™, American Standard™ and more. Installing a new, high efficiency air conditioner can save you hundreds of dollars a year off your electric bill. The older your unit is, the harder it has to work. The harder is works, the more it costs you!

Residential A/C Service and Maintenance

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available to take care of any of your needs. From a simple service call to a brand new installation their technical abilities are unparalleled in this industry. We pride ourselves in offering you the best quality service and reliability. Our company staff will provide you with years of comfort and piece of mind.