Solar Pool

Just imagine how much money you'd save if could heat the water in your pool using free energy from the sun! Well you can with solar pool heating that once installed and set up will provide abundant heated water for your enjoyment!

A solar pool heater allows you to extend your family's swimming season and gives you more control over your swimming pool's water temperature. A sun powered pool water heating system has a payback period of three to four years and can dramatically reduce or eliminate the rising monthly utility bills by heating your pool with free, abundant energy from the Florida sun.

Do You Want Your Pool Heated for Free?

solar pool controllerOK, it's not for free initially because there is the installation and hardware cost. But once you've paid to have the system put in, the rest is zero cost to you!

Just Ask Us!

We specialize in the design and installation of residential and commercial solar swimming pool heating systems in Florida. Installing these systems in homes and commercial properties is one of our specialties and we always do a thorough and high quality job.

We have a good reputation to maintain and that means every installation is not only done to our highest standards, but the work and equipment comes guaranteed! We do this because we know that word gets around fast in any community and when people are talking about an amazing new pool thermal system that a neighbour just had installed, our name gets mentioned a lot!

We're happy to have our name associated with quality workmanship in those conversations and we strive to ensure it never gets associated with second rate work. You can see why we like to keep our customers very happy!

Enjoying Your Outdoor Leisure Time

You bought your pool for enjoyment, entertaining and possibly for health reasons. But you probably find that on many days when you would like to use your pool it is just too cold for comfort.

Whether for recreation or relaxation, a comfortable pool is a great gathering place for family and friends. A solar energy pool heating system will make your pool warmer, more comfortable and it will add months to your Florida swimming season.

That means you can spend more time in your pool. More relaxation, more exercise and more fun!

The best part of it all is of course you can enjoy it even more knowing that it won't cost you a cent to keep that water at the temperature that you like and you are also doing your small but never insignificant bit for the environment!